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ECCE 1, Mrs Nicole + Mrs Vicky

Mrs Vicky: Classwork: Studen’t’s book: p. 44 -> Reading Homework: Companion p. 23 (EP.11.10b-W11.21) / p. 25-26 Voc.ex. P.T. p.26-29 (with justifications) Correct your dictation and test! Mrs Vicky: Classwork: p.35/ex.F/Grammar p.36/ex.H/Grammar Homework: p.35/ex.G/Grammar p.36/ex.I/G

ECPE 1, Mrs Helena

Classwork: In-class Writing 2 (Να κανονίσεις με τη γραμματεία πότε θα το γράψεις) Student’s book: Speaking p.157-158 Homework: Student’s book: p.98-99-> A – C+ D.Writing Companion:p.59-60->140,145-152,154,156-157,159-161,163-166 by hea

ESB, Mrs Dora

In class: Student’s book: p. 25, p.27 We corrected the revision on Units 1, 2 Homework: Companion: p. 16-17-> Dictation, 15 sentences (choose the words) / p. 15 finish the ex. Test on Module 1: Companion:p.5-14 Student’s: p.6-9, p.12-15, p.18-19

ΕCCE 1, Mrs Helena

Classwork Student’s book: p. 82-83->Writing In-class writing 2 (Να κανονίσεις με τη γραμματεία πότε θα το γράψεις) Warm-up questions ->Speaking Homework: Student’s book: p. 79-> 6 / p. 81-> 7/8 Essay Companion: p.69-70-> Phrasal Ver

ECPE, Mrs Vicky + Mrs Nicole

Mrs Vicky: In class: p. 30->ex. A, B, C, D/Grammar Homework: p. 3/V.B. Test (Modals) p.30,31/Grammar Mrs Nicole: Classwork: Student’s book:p.33 Homework: Companion: Revise Vocabulary Unit 3 (test on Friday) Student’s book:p.32-33->Revise voc. exercises Workbook:p.19->ex.C/p.20-&

Regular A1, Mrs Marianna

Classroom: Student’s book: p. 28-29 ex. 1-2-3-4-5-6 Workbook:- Grammar book: p.28->ex.3 /p.29 -> ex.6, 7 Homework: Student’s book: p. 28-29 reading, sentences, dictation Workbook:p.28-29->ex.1,2,3,4,5,6 Grammar book: p.27->study/ p.28-29->ex.2,4,5 Companion:p.19-20->stu